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The Firm

A real man should own, at least, one fine suit in his closet. Suit for man is like long black dress for woman. It’s very versatile thus you can wear it to work and for formal or informal parties. A fine tailor-made suit is really recommended, but since it’s usually pretty expensive, it’s not a sin to opt for a ready to wear suit from Zara or any other trendy boutiques in town, or even from the famous Pasar Baru or Pasar Senen!For formal purpose you can wear it with tie (slim-tie would make you look sophisticated) or bow tie for an edgy look.

But you have to be very careful because buying suit is quite tricky. Here are some essential tips on buying new suit.

1. Choosing the fabric

Does it comfortable enough for Indonesia’s climate because most of suit available at those stores are imported.

2.  Single vs. double-breasted

Double-breasted jackets are generally more formal, however these days you can see some designers pair the double-breasted jacket with jeans to dress it down.

3. Arms and sleeves

While letting your arms hang on your sides, your sleeves should end where your hand meets your wrist. Your shirt sleeves should be a quarter-inch longer than your suit jacket and to know the right length of the sleeves put on your jacket and stretch your arms in front of you. Make sure you’re able to move freely and feel comfortable.

4. Button

One button is for slimmer body, two buttons is trendy and safe and three buttons is your father’s old suit.

Good luck and let’s look sharp (and gelendot-able like those hot lawyers in The Firm. Haha)!

Shoes, belt, suit and pants from Zara

Shirt: Topman, Slim-tie: Topman, Watch: Submariner (Rolex), Glasses: Versus

Photography by @yohsandy

Location: Gran Suite at Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jl. Mahakam I No. 6, Jakarta, T: (021) 720 9966


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