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It’s 2012, baby!

It’s March already, and summer is just around the corner. Last year, the spring/summer collection was dominated with bright colors like red, yellow and etc. I just took a look at some fashion articles and these are five trends of 2012:

1. Spring/Summer 2012 will endorse colorful fabrics, but unlike last year, the color will be toned down. Yellow, green and blue will still be around, but less bold. Navy and earth color will also be trendy this year. Rumor has it that blue is going to be the color of the year.

Photos: Marni H&M

Photos: Zara (2), Marni (far right)

Photo: Z Zegna


Photo: GQ January 2012

2. White is back! White pants to be exact.


3. The shoes trend will give a big portion to loafer, especially Tassel Loafers. Tassel Loafers is loafers with tassel ornament on the front (DUH!). 😀

Photos: Bloomingsdale

4. Prints will be huge this year. Unfortunately I’m more into stripes and checkers. Let me check if I have print shirts in my closet.

Photos: Prada, Etro, Prada

5. The professor chic look is so 2012. Judging from the photo below, I believe Blaine or Darren Criss has started the trend earlier. Hahahaha. And uh, bow-tie will also be big this year.


Now, I hope this posting it will give you, my fashionable friends, a picture what would fashion jungle be this year. Happy dressing!


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